Distribute speed evenly to all users, Speed Drop, unstable wifi connection

Hi, I am very new to all of these stuff, like don’t know anything about network. just got balance one from my friend and did set it up at my home. I have few issues with this and please help.

  1. sometimes the speed drops dramatically or the internet is disconnected. If I reboot the balance one, the speed comes back normal or I need to wait few mins, like 5-10 mins. don’t know why…

  2. when turn on and use a certain computer, all other computer connection get super slow.

  3. the wifi connection to balance one is very unstable and slow. because of this, I added another router to this balance one, but the wifi connection to that router also slower and unstable.

After replacing Asus router with this balance one, the normal speed got faster when there is no issue, but the drop or disconnection happens few times a day. especially the wifi connection was good with Asus router, but now it is slow and unstable all the time. sometimes it disconnects as well.
If you can give me some tips, it will be great! thank you!

Is this a previously used router? Keeping it simple, did you factory reset the box?

Yes, it is used one and I did reset the box when I put it at my house.

can someone please answer to this questions? thank you.

What kind of internet connections do you have? As for Wifi, are there lots of “nearby devices” seen by the Wifi?

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didn’t understand your question well. there are several devices connected to the router. I would say about 5-10 devices. But I am using Asus router which is connected to the Balance One.

Get rid of the asus router for now. Setting up a multi-router setup at home is not for the faint of heart. Please forgive me if I misunderstood your skill level. I am going off of the information you have provided.

Here is a typical setup
ISP->Modem->PepLink->LAN devices

What kind of internet connection do you have? Cable? Fiber? Dsl?

Did your ISP give you a static public IP, a dynamic Public Ip, or are you inside of a private network area? (What is your WAN IP?)

Thank you for answer. Sorry, I am very new to all of this and please bear with me.

  1. It’s timewarner cable.
  2. I believe it is dybamic IP. I never requested static IP service.
    My set up
    Modem-Balance-Switch-Asus Router
    I have lan line panel box on my wall and model & Balance are located in that box. In each room, there is one or two lan connector on the wall and i have serveral devices to ve connected. So I had to put another switch in each room. The WIFI connection of Balance was really bad and since it is located in the panel box on the wall, the coverage was not that good. So i needed another router for WIFI coverage. Should I buy WIFI extender rather than using another Router?

You can use your other router, but you won’t be using any of the routing features. I don’t have an ASUS, so I can’t give you specifics, but for now - make sure that DHCP server is disabled on the ASUS. The ASUS should NOT have anything plugged into the WAN port.

Here is how I would set it up…
On the Peplink
WAN1 - connected to the modem - it should grab an IP automatically (set it to DHCP)
LAN - give the Peplink the IP of and a subnet mask of ALL of your devices will be inside this network IP space. Set up the dhcp server to give out addresses from
Wifi - setup your SSID how you want. Make sure you know the SSID, authentication method (WPA2), and passphrase (you will be setting the ASUS to be the same)

On the ASUS, give it an IP of and connect LAN port 1 to LAN port 1 on the Peplink. Set up the same Wifi settings on it as you did the Peplink.

At this point, you should be able to plug a device into either the Peplink or the ASUS and get an IP from the Peplink. You should have internet access as well.

The rest is just plugging in wires and verifying that you can get out to the net.

Post back to tell how it goes. I have helped others just like you and I appreciate your honesty with regards to skill level. It is very easy to confuse folks just now getting into networking.

A bit of advice - when you give the routers new IP addresses, it is best to bring them all into one spot and have a laptop that you can just plug into the routers as needed. It is very easy to lock yourself out of these things. Since the ASUS is not going to be doing DHCP, you may need to set a static IP on your laptop used to set everything up (just while you are configuring stuff)

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Thank you so much!! There are some terms i don’t know like DHCP, but i can google and figure out those. Afrer studying and applying, i will let you know how it goes. Thanks agian!!

Which model is your Asus router?

I’m also using Balance One and an Asus router to improve WiFi range. Asus firmware has an “Access Point(AP) mode” you can set on Administration → Operation Mode.

This mode will automatically turn off DHCP and all routing features. The router will act as a switch and access point only.

Also, keep in mind that with this configuration “Guest Networks” will be just like the regular network, i.e., guests will have access to your local network even if you set a different SSID for them.

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I have RT-AC66U and thank you for that information. I just applied the setting to my router and it is working great!!

I applied the setting, IP address and subnet mask. Also I change the setting of Asus router per fbreve and now all system is working fine. Thank you for all your help.
just one more question. Balance One assigned IP address to all devices connected to it and it seems the IP address doesn’t change even I turn off and turn it on again. Those IP address are kind of permanent and it will not be changed? I am thinking to make some group by IP address if it won’t be changed forever or is there any better way to make a group by some other factor?

The IP addresses are not permanent by default.

You can make them permanent on Balance One interface:
Network → LAN → Network settings → Name of your LAN → DHCP Reservation

You can also go to Status → Client List and import the values from the list to the DHCP Reservation table.

Thank you so much!!! Everything is working great now~!!