Display Hostnames (Instead of IP Address only) on Bandwidth Usage Report


I’m on a Balance 310.
When I goto Status > Bandwidth and click on a specific period, then it pops up the Client Bandwith Usage tables for the specific period. It shows the IP Address, Type, Upload, Download and Total bandwidth.
If I hover the mouse over the IP address, it shows Currently Used by, and the hostname and the MAC address.

Instead of showing the IP address, can we display the hostname (as all of my clients, I have DHCP reservation).
If hostname display doesn’t make sense, can we add and extra column which shows the Currently Used by Hostname on the main display table itself, so that I dont have to hover the mouse over each and every entry.

I need to know the hostname so that I can find out who is eating up most of the bandwidth on a Weekly / Monthly basis. Sure I can go by IP and then lookup who the client is on the DHCP static list, but thats an inconvenience.


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