Discrepancy in context help in FW 7.1.1


Router: Surf SOHO (SUS-SOHO-T)
SW Release 7.1.1
Description: Go to Dashboard Tab. Under WAN Connection Status frame select Details for the Ethernet WAN connection. A Connection Details dialog will be overlaid on the Dashboard window providing access to admin fields for the Ethernet WAN connection. Note: It probably doesn’t matter but in my case the Ethernet WAN is connected and operational.

In the WAN Connection Settings frame of the Connection Details dialog, there are two bandwidth related fields - each with their own help button (?) that provides the following Help text descriptions:

Upload Bandwidth
This field refers to the maximum upload speed.

This value is referenced when default weight is chosen for outbound traffic and traffic prioritization. A correct value can result in effective traffic prioritization and efficient use of upstream bandwidth.

Download Bandwidth
This field refers to the maximum download speed.

Default weight control for outbound traffic will be adjusted according to this value…

Please notice that the help text for both the Upload and Download fields refer to outbound traffic. I believe the Download help text to be in error. Shouldn’t it refer to inbound traffic??