Disconnection problem with peplink balance 310


We have a client Mail Box that requires to be connected with the same IP address. We don’t have a leased IP so am trying to prevent the IP from resetting each time. If you have any idea to how to work around this issue please advises.

Best regards.

Can you use a DDNS service instead of an IP address?

Thank you for your reply, but I think I didn’t explain the problem enough. Actually we don’t have leased line so our IP address changes from time to time, when it happens, the Client mail (which we don’t control it is a client that we work with that have gave us access to its mail system) detect that the IP changed drop the sessions.

Hope I was clear enough this time.

The Peplink Balance has no control over when your ISP/provider changes your IP address, you would need to contact them about acquiring a fixed static IP address.