Disconnecting Clients


I have an AT&T Microcell that for some time, I thought was acting up. The device would show as online, active and ready to roll - all indicators were green. When I would go to that Balance One screen and look at the clients that were currently active, the device would should present but in a disconnected state. Strange - I was able to physically connect through the Microcell device through it’s onboard ethernet port with another device so I knew I was getting a physical connection and address assigned. Today - all of the devices in my home were showing down / disconnected - all makes models and types from Access Points to clients - all physically connected but no traffic was moving - IP addresses were not being distributed and when I went to may hard coded machines, they too were able to see other devices on the network even though everyone was physically present and connected. When I logged into the Balance One router, there were no clients showing as active with the exception of my client through the embedded wireless AP on the Balance One (which I use only as a backup as it is located in the basement with poor range) and one other device. I reboot the Balance One, and as it comes online, I see the number of connected clients was back to where it should be - and then one by one over the course of 20 or so seconds, they begin to drop from connected to disconnected - this mirrors the issue I have been seeing with the AT&T Microcell for some time but now, with the difference that is it is all of the devices now, except one strangely enough, a Ooma phone box. Countless reboots later, I finally swapped the Balance One with a Balance 20 I had nearby and all was back to normal minus the gig ports. Thoughts? Just a hardware failure that will be remedied with a replacement or something else?



May I know the firmware version of Balance One? Please upgrade to v6.2 and try again if you encounter this problem in old firmware.

If problem persist, please open ticket for us to take closer look.

Thank you.


FW v6.2 is installed. Problem appears to exist for 7 of the 8 ethernet ports as the unit works fine via wireless.



Please connect any device into LAN 7 and 8. Then download Diagnostic Report and open ticket for us to take closer look.

Thank you.