Disconnected Wan (hit bandwidth allowance) to connect if other wan port(s) is/are in failed state

Seems to me this would be a good option. My links often hit their bandwidth allowance. If the good link fails when the other link is disconnected because it hit its bandwidth allowance, then there is no connectivity until I go in turn off the Bandwidth Allowance Monitor. It would be desirable to have the option to override the bandwidth allowance automatically if that link is the only link left working.

I use Balance 20, Balance 210, and Balance Two

Thank you for your consideration.


Suppose this option will help for your use case ?

Suppose if bandwidth allowance hit, the WAN still allow to be use to connect to IC2.


Thanks for this, but not in my case. On my networks I have multiple links for redundancy and bandwidth capability. I want to avoid overage cost and do not want to use the link that has been put out of service due to being over its bandwidth allowance. But if the remaining WAN link(s) go(es) down, then I am willing to pay any overage to keep everything working seamlessly, which is the mission of Peplink “Delivering Unbroken Connectivity Anytime. Anywhere.”