Disaster recovery - Cheap temporary routing solution?

We own a Peplink Balance router and we are extremely satisfied with it! Now, we are planning a disaster recovery plan in case the router breaks.
In our country Peplink devices are not so common so it may require up to 7days to get one.

What to do in the meanwhile? We use 3 VLANS, one corporate LAN + 3 WANs.

Corporate LAN must be kept separated from VLANS… Maybe I could buy a cheap 2 WAN router and use that to allow connections temporarily…

Your thoughts?

If money is not an issue, buy a second Peplink router, of the same model. Then on the production router, backup the configuration to a file. Finally, import that config file to the new router and you have a perfect twin that can be put into service very quickly. To be truly professional, swap the two identical routers every now and then just to insure that you can.

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Thanks for your reply, are there any statistics on peplink routers failure?

No. But there is this… https://www.peplink.com/company/reliability-challenge/

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Martin, my friend!
Are those uptimes with no reboot?

Hiya! Yes they are uptimes with no reboot.

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How about configuring the network to have separated gateways. Each LAN/VLAN could be set to use the gateway that usually is configured within the Peplink Balance. Of course all failover and balancing benefits would be lost until e new unit is fitted.
Of course one benefit of buying a clone would be a protection in case of end-of- life of the product, under a previously saved configuration perspective: what would happen in case you would like to restore saved configuration to a newer model?