Disabling wifi on specific device

Ive upgraded to the Surf SOHO from a
TP-Link router. I’m loving everything about the SOHO especially the main reason for getting it, creating VLANs on the WiFi. But unless I haven’t been able to find how to do it, I can’t seem to be able to temporarily disable or block a devices wifi connectivity. Is there such option with the SOHO. On the TP-Link I used it when I needed to block one of my kids’ devices and not others.

Hello, Jose. There is an option from the device Web Admin. Below is the capture from Surf SOHO MK3, firmware version is 8.1.3GA.

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Thanks for the reply. One more thing, the SOHO is recommended for up to 25 devices. I have on average about 35 devices connected at once. And can go up to 40-45 when having guests over. Will the amount of devices be an issue? I never had a problem with the TP-Link.

Watch the cpu usage on the home page (Dashboard) of the router to see how stressed it is.

Blocking specific devices is getting harder as more operating systems will rotate MAC addresses. Much depends on the OS used by your kids, what the OS allows and how it is configured. Your biggest hammer is to limit them to one WiFi SSID and then either disable the SSID or block its subnet from making outbound connections.