Disable the new Pepmin feature

I got this question from a customer: it’s possible to just disable pepmin?

InControl2 is very powerful and the statistics it provide are a good benefit of using Peplink devices.

However he is concerned about the new Pepmin feature. It’s like the remote assistance, that shoud be manually enabled to give peplink’s staff the control, but available to everyone who can gain access to an incontrol account of the organization.
Since the customer has a very strong policy about device management access, this is new feature is a problem for him.

I know I can disable the Incontrol management flag on the balance to lock the door, but we will also loose all the statistics data, configuration backups and so on.



In the settings portion you can enable “Block Peplink Support” which will prevent Peplink support from viewing this organization.

Hi Jarid, thank you for your reply.
I know that I can block Peplink Support access from InControl, but I don’t mean that.

Customer would like to disable the Pepmin feature from Incontrol also if someone logon on Incontrol with an account member of the Organization.
To clarify: Device should be managed only locally, not from InControl.

Hi Gotta80,

Disabling Pepmin will not prevent general users not to make configuration change via IC2. They can still change configurations on the Wi-Fi/PepVPN configuration pages.

I’d suggest they create read-only accounts for general users. So the users could not make any configuration changes. The web admin via Pepmin will be read-only as well. The full admin account should be reserved for privileged administrators only.

Thanks Michael, very clear explanation.