Disable Router Function?

Hello all, and Happy Holidays!! Can anyone tell me how to disable the routing function on the Max SoHo? I just want to use the AP function and switch, connecting the “Wan” port to an upstream router that connects to my ISP. I currently see no obvious way to turn off the routing function. To clarify, I would like to use the MAX as an ethernet bridge and AP only.


The SOHO is a router and doesn’t have a transparent bridge mode.
Closest you can get is to disable NAT on the WAN and use IP forwarding instead.

The WiFi devices would still get IP addresses in the LAN subnet from the SOHO (the SOHO would still be doing DHCP) but your upstream router would see individual IPs of those devices rather than just the NATed WAN interface of the SOHO.

You would need to add a static route in the upstream router for the SOHO LAN with the SOHO WAN as the gateway so that traffic routes back to the wifi clients.

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Thanks. It appears the SOHO is the wrong tool for my purposes. Although I don’t want the router functions for my current configuration, I liked having a capable router sitting there as a backup, in case my main router (Netgear R7000 w/ dd-wrt) went belly-up on me. I’m trying to replace an old Apple Time Capsule, which easily configures as an ethernet bridge, rather than a full router, but only supports wireless-N and only has 3 wired ports available.

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You should be able to use it as an AP and switch by disabling DHCP and then connecting the Ethernet cable to a LAN port instead of the WAN. You would need to assign the LAN a static IP from your existing range. Thanks