Disable Hard Reset Factory

Dear Guys ,

two questions :

1- Is there any way to disable hardware reset factory on AP One series ?
2- If someone hard reset an AP One device , Is it possible for AP to read all configurations automatically again from the controller ?

Thanks - Hootan


  1. Currently I don’t believe that there is a way to disable the reset reset button. Engineering may have better insight to see if this is can be disabled.
  2. Yes if HW reset is performed and there is a profile setup for the AP One on the controller it will re-configure the AP One automatically. Just tested this and after a factory reset was done it took about 3 minutes for the device to become fully back online with the original configuration.

Dear Jarid ,

Okay that’s great. how AP finds controller after hard reset ? or shall I say how controller finds AP ? how about if a router existed between AP and controller ? do they find each other again ?

Thanks - Hootan

AP Controller will wait for management connections originating from APs over the LAN on TCP and UDP port 11753. It will also wait for captive portal connections on TCP port 443. An extended DHCP option “CAPWAP Access Controller addresses” (field 138) will be added to the DHCP server. A local DNS record “wlancontroller” will added to the local DNS proxy.

If you would only like certain APs to be managed you would choose “Approved List” under Permitted AP and this would tell the AP Controller to only manage the devices that are in the approved list (which is by serial number) as by default it will manage all APs that are reporting to it.

Thank you for complete information.

Regards, Hootan