Disable GPS on MAX BR1, lowering power consumption


Wondering if its possible to disable gps on BR1 router? Or any other for that matter? Just to get the power consumtion as low as possible? Any other tips to lower power consumption?

Thanks for all replys


No its not possible to disable the GPS as its a function of the cellular module.
Best way to lower power consumption is to disable wifi. and wifi WAN. Wifi WAn in particular which tends to always be scanning for known and available APs is fairly power hungry.


Hello @arneleo,
The GPS antenna port always has a small voltage present though only consumes power when a suitable GPS antenna is connected, the internal electronics holding the system in this wait state (as @MartinLangmaid mentioned) can not be disabled on any band of chip set we have worked with or tested.

What are your reasons for getting lower power usage levels, the MAX range we find are already nicely optimised based on the design and performance, it may be a simple case of have your Peplink Partner work directly with you so find the right model and configuration.

This is extracted from a real tender (some details removed), this is a situation where low power usage is required.
< Begin Example #1 >
“The introduction of GPS tracking is expected to improve compliance with bail conditions imposed by a court. Recognising increasing community demand and public safety expectation, acknowledging emerging technology based resources, and to comply with legislative provisions enabling the monitoring of defendants released on bail it is intended to progressively introduce of the GPS tracking capability commencing with a limited number of devices at various locations throughout (location removed). Information from the introduction of this capability will be used to validate performance and confirm integration with operational practice and inform future decisions on implementation of a longer term GPS tracking service model.”

“Respondents to this EOI are to demonstrate their capability to deliver GPS monitoring services at multiple locations in (location removed), major regional centre(s) and rural locations with 3G/4G coverage. The number of defendants to be monitored and final deployment locations will be negotiated.”
< End Example #1 >

Here is a light heartened example (this is not real, just an example):
< Begin Example #2 >
Due on the 1 April 2017 at 1pm central time, the National Fund for making people live like Kangaroos in partnership with the International Smiling People of the World Organisation invites everyone for submit suitable tenders to supply a solution that will allow for the remote observing of a selection of twenty four (24) male Red Kangaroos throughout Australia that are about to be release back into the wild.


  • Each of the 24 Kangaroos needs to be fitted with chest and back worn video cameras. The solution must sending back to a centralised storage and archiving facility (details & location will only be advised to the winning tender) a single HD video frame every second along with audio that is of good clarity aligned to the video frames.
  • The solutions need to run for at least two (2) years with an option to extend out to five (5) years if the project is going well and continues to receive ongoing approved funding without any needs to service or interact with the Kangaroos.
  • All video frames and audio will need to sent sent back via a secure solution to the central location.
  • To keep the location of the Kangaroos confidential and in an attempted to reduce required weight, GPS tracking is be fitted to only half of the Kangaroos.
  • Due to the nature of the remote locations, suitable LTEA communications on 700Mhz must be support offering connection with at lest two carriers that offer the most anticipated national coverage to optimise connectivity availability.
  • The entire solution needs to be self funding by the winning tender, suppliers may consider making the images go viral on social media and the relevant online advertising placed paying for all of tender costs.

It is important to remember that Male Red Kangaroos do partake in kick boxing so the fitting of the system will need to lighter yet stronger than any bullet proof vest currently available to Koalas watching the activities.

- fighting red kangaroos 1.jpg
By Dellex - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

(Image curtsy of Wikipedia Creative Commons)

< End Example #2 >

So these are a very specific examples where you could be required to get power right down, what is your project or requirement for the power reduction? Like in the examples we gave enough details so you could still get the sense of the requirements without giving away confidential information.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick reply Martin. Will try the Wifi WAN route.


Thanks Marcus! The case here is a remote location that will run the BR1 on a powersupply unit. Any battery shavings are good as they might result in lesser trips to replace powersupply.

The SFE, any data sheets on this? Less power draw on that unit maybe?


Hello @arneleo,
Do you already have the BR1 ?
The two models that will be most suited to may be the:

These two models are designed for remote deployment with low power usage.
Max.: 10W, Typical: 8.5W, Min.: 6W

Another way you can reduce your power usage is to use suitable antennas, this can reduce the power needed in the transmitter of the units. Your local Peplink Partner has access to a detailed guide on Antenna Selection from within the partners section of this forum, ask them to help you with a copy and choosing appropriate antennas for your application.
Also think about what voltage you are going to be running the BR1 on and if you need to be using LTE or LTEA chip set (depends on the frequency you need to use and bandwidth required).

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Thanks for very good reply! Helpful:)
Customer is using this in a area with very limited supply of power. Typical solar or battery.
Could one write a script/code that tells the peplink to send data at a set time and then go to “sleep” until the next data push? Just “spitt balling” here :smiley: