Disable DHCP and use Static IP addresses

I want to disable DHCP and configure my small home network with Static IP addresses.
Can someone please advise me how to do this with my Surf SOHO.

I have a second question as well. I was advised to disable DNS server from the ISP’s own server
to one maintained by OpenDNS or Google Public DNS. Do I do this inside the same area as i
disable the checkbox for DHCP by disabling auto DNS and imputing IP addresses for OpenDNS and Google?

Thanks for any help.


Go to Network>LAN and there you will be able to disable DHCP Server. Then you can assign static IP’s to the devices.
-Or you can use the DHCP Server and go to Status>Client List, there is a import button to add devices to a DHCP Reservation List that will tie there MACs to the IP address (You can name the devices as well from the import option).

To change DNS go to Network>WAN>WAN1: Under DHCP Settings, just uncheck “Obtain DNS server address automatically” and choose "Use the following Server address(es). Then you can input your own DNS servers.