Direct a Specific User IP Address to a Specific WAN Port

Direct a Specific User IP Address to a Specific WAN Port

Here’s a picture explanation of how to set your Peplink router so you can necessarily direct the internet traffic of a specific user IP on your internal network to a specific WAN port.
If you need more than a couple of users on a specific WAN, it’s a good idea to create a VLAN network, but if it is just a single user, or a couple, this method is easier.

First, access your GUI using the instructions on the bottom of your device.
Next, click on the Network tab in the GUI.
Then, click the Outbound Policy tab on the left:

Now, click on the Add Rule tab:

Here’s the screen that comes up:

Now, fill out the fields.
Here’s what I put:

Service Name “Specific IP to Specific WAN”
Enable [checked]
Source [IP Address] []
Destination [Any]
Protocol [Any]
Algorithm [Enforced]
Enforced Connection [WAN: WAN 1]

Here’s what it looks like:

Your IP address field will need to be the IP of the user/device in question, and the Enforced connection may be a different WAN number than what is listed.

Remember to click Save, then click Apply Changes:

Note that the Algorithm doesn’t need to be Enforced in all cases. It can also be made Priority; this means that no loss of connectivity occurs in the event of a WAN outage if you have more than one WAN established and set.
Ultimately the Algorithm will depend on your situation.
Click here for more information on the meanings of the seven Algorithms.

Hope this helps your networking solution!


Does this feature exist for the Max-BR1-LTE model?

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Yes, but to access it on a BR1 is a bit different - here’s a screen shot of the different first step in the slightly different GUI: