DIN Rail Mounts for BR1 Mini, Max Transit Mini, BR1 Classic (MK II)

I am being asked repeatedly for DIN rail mounts for the BR1 Mini, Max Transit Mini and now the BR1 Classic (MK II). They are available for other products. My customers are implementing these products in enclosures that have DIN rail mounting for other products.


Hi @lenl. Can’t help you with a change to the product line [obviously], but I can say that we’ve fabricated such mounts using parts such as these … https://www.amazon.com/Sysly-Mounting-Adapter-Circuit-Bracket/dp/B074TGS2ZX/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=din+rail+mount+plate&qid=1582036960&sr=8-6. We’ve used these to mount BR1s by attaching the brackets to a metal plate about 4 1/2" square and then the BR1s to that plate.

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Hi Rick-DC,

    Thanks for the info. I will pass it along to

my customers.

    My customer who has most vociferously raised

the issue actually has their own metal fabricating capability.
They have made their own brackets but would prefer to not do so.

Thanks again,


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Second this

We have a bracket for the BR1 Mini and Max Transit Mini