difficulty in accessing my Peplink public IP from outside.

Hi all,
I couldn’t find the right answer to my question. Sorry if the answer is there and I missed it.
I can’t reach my router’s IP address from the Internet. My IP starts with 25. Also, I can’t VPN (neither L2TP nor OpenVPN) to my local network due to this issue. Any help would be appreciated here.

P.S. routing mode is on NAT

The cellular carriers all employ CGNAT (See: Carrier-grade NAT - Wikipedia ). Thus the IP address you see at your cellular modem’s WAN interface is not the public IP the Internet sees.

That NAT’ing is “one-way.” They don’t do any port-forwarding on the “incoming” side. Thus, even if you do discover the true public IP address (there are sites that will tell you): Attempting to connect to any port on it will be fruitless.

To complicate matters: AT&T, at least, sometimes (?) CGNATs to different public IPs, depending upon the protocol. I’ve seen it on my own server, where connecting to it with, say, HTTP/HTTPS and one of the email protocols (submission, imaps, etc.) shows connections coming from different public IPs.

Here’s another amusing thing I’ve discovered: One cellular carrier, at least, uses intermediate netblocks owned by others that aren’t currently in use or netblocks that are currently un-assigned by ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers - Wikipedia ) or IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority - Wikipedia ). Or they used to, anyway. That threw me for a loop when they first started doing it. I all-of-a-sudden found my LTE router in new address space, did a “whois” on it and found the netblock was not assigned to anybody.

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@Hamed_Rezaei why do you need remote access? If its just for occasional access to a LAN device web interface then you could look at Peplink InTouch

@MartinLangmaid Thanks Martin. I have many devices in my lab that I need to access to from home. I use RDP, HTTP, and SSH to connect to them.
I tried speedfusion cloud but it seems I need to pay extra money to use this service which requires using corporate credit card which needs 1,2 weeks to get the approval. I need to access my devices asap. Thank you!

Thanks, James!

Hi Martin!
I am still having issues with connecting to my devices from outside world. I am looking for something like a PPTP connection that gives me access to all my devices behind the Peplink router. Intouch service that you suggested won’t work for me because I am having various services (not just web server) running inside my network. Can you please help me on this?

@MartinLangmaid has a short description of a solution to this: remote-connection-to-device.

On the fusionhub you configure Remote User Access and select the connection protocol (L2TP with IPSec, PPTP or OpenVPN).

If you need assistance in setting up a fusionhub solo then he has provided specific guidance for how to do that on vultr.com ($6/month). My personal favorite is UpCloud ($5/month).



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