Different traceroute paths to destination

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Just for information, when I set up two or more WAN links in Peplink balancer.

I found different WAN link paths to the same destination ( every time a traceroute result is different ), any Peplink mechanism is used ( just round-robin, or else ) to keep loading balance, thx ?

Weighted load balancing is typically used by default. You can change that by using outbound policies to control traffic flow in the way that suits your needs best.

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In addition to what @MartinLangmaid said, one may note that routes between two addresses on the 'net usually vary over time. The route from a.b.c.d to e.f.g.h may change from second to second, minute to minute, as routers along the way “do their thing.” A traceroute will illustrate this vividly. Is this part of what you are seeing, I wonder?

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Martin is correct, outbound policy controls outgoing traffic (WAN traffic and LAN traffic) through the selected WAN links, by priority or by weighted.