Difference between Device Reports and Wireless Reports


I was reviewing the data usage for our MAX_BR1_DD5E and noticed that the Device Report gives higher data usage than the Wireless report. The difference in usage between the two reports isn’t apparent at first glance. Our router only uses a sim card for internet access. When trying to gauge how much a device has used in a period, there seems to be a difference of about 10-30% between the Device Report and the Wireless Report in inControl2, and the data usage for the list of devices is not consistently different. If I wanted to accurately gauge how much usage a device used on my sim card’s wireless carrier, which report would I want to use?


Any ideas?


Do you have sample report that we can discuss here ? Beside that. would you able to share us the simple connection diagram for the WIFI clients ? As simple as below ?

WIFI clients —> BR1 —> Internet ?