Didn't get internet speed on Fusionhub in AWS

When the VPN is established .i think sever’s Internet Speed isn’t getting to branch…
We have 50 mbps connection on the peplink device side and the other end e connected to the fusion hub on Amazon. The connection is 300mbps on there…
Did I missed anything or can we increase our branch speed???

Speedfusion is used to combine (bond) internet connections at one physical location and send that traffic to another location (eg another office location or FusionHub in the cloud for internet access).

If you only have 50Mbps of connectivity at your Branch office location the maximum amount of bandwidth you will ever have there (using Speedfusion or not) is 50MBps.

If you combined that with a LTE connection that also had 50MBps however - we’ll then you’d have nearly twice as much bandwidth as you do now.

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