Diagnosing Slow Connections

Good Morning,

I have put one of your (fantastic) Max BR1 MKII on my boat and generally am quite pleased. We use this for some pretty basic work, but it is imperative that we get a good connection for certain phone calls (using VOIP service) and have been having trouble maintaining that connection.

We are in The Bahamas, use MyIslandWifi SIM card which is unlimited LTE and generally it works pretty well. I checked the speed this morning and it was 35 mbps down and 20 mbps up.

I am (essentially) always within a mile of a cell tower during these critical periods.

However, when I try to access (for example) CNN it takes forever to load. Sometimes on phone calls it is spotty. Bloomberg.com simply won’t load half the time.

A second question . . . when I am on the move, approaching a new destination, I can see that I have a signal, typically 3G shows up first, but the router doesn’t connect. Is this an issue with the Pepwave, or perhaps my SIM provider? Then I will even get an LTE signal, but it will not assign an IP address. This despite the fact that I have the ‘strength’ setting as low as it can go.

Again, I am looking for any insights on how to better configure the system.