DHCP to static with IP forwarding

I have an ISP that issues me an IP address via DHCP leased to a MAC address. This config cant be changed. I have a device that requires a static IP assignment. I cant use the static IP direct to their router because their router wont allow static IP addresses on their LAN. I cant use NAT in any device. Can I use IP forwarding on a Balance or MAX to allow the LAN side Device to have a static IP address and the WAN to have DHCP. I have tried to use drop in mode but that also requires a static IP address on the WAN.

Hi Simon - a diagram might help as Iā€™m confused by what devices need what.

You can set a Peplink WAN to clone the MAC address of the originally assigned device so it gets the IP via DHCP- does that help?

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Thanks Martin, I have managed to sort it out using IP forwarding. the modem required a DHCP issued address and would not allow a static IP address to access the network. The end device could not allow a DHCP configuration for security reasons. IP forwarding sends the WAN IP address to the first device that comes up on the LAN and sends it via DHCP. As there is no mechanism in DHCP to check if there is a device on the LAN that already has a static IP address the router assumes that all is well and routes traffic.

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