DHCP server control - exclude IPs from range, and clear all leases

I need more control over the DHCP server function of the Max HD2 please.

The ability to exclude IPs from the pool would be really helpful.
I’ve discovered that if a device on the network has a statically assigned IP in the pool the HD2 does not care and will assign it to another device. This causes obvious problems.

It would also be helpful if I could clear the DHCP leases without disabling the DHCP Applying the change and then enabling it and applying the change.


Yes this can be a problem with any router. You can work around it by creating pseudo reservations for the static addresses in your Max. To make a reservation you have to enter a MAC address. If you know the MAC of the static device by all means use that but if not just make up one that is unlikely. For example I’ll typically use 00:00:00:00:01, 02, etc. Effectively you’re removing those addresses from the available DHCP range.

Another strategy is to reduce the range of your DHCP assignments so the static devices are not included. The LAN address and subnet of the Max itself can still include the static devices. Only the DHCP range is restricted.