DHCP server control - 22 mask IP range

I am going to create dhcp IP range XXX.XXX.6.11-XXX.XXX.8.255 netmask
GW XXX.XXX.6.1/22

after I did all the changes I have received notification
DHCP IP Range must be within the same network (XXX.XXX.6.11)
How can I understand it, cause it is in the same network…?

Looks like there is restriction fixed to 512 Ip’s only. Is it?

same situation with Balance 210 and 380…

Hi @itadmin81
It looks like the issue amounts to the subnet. would indicate a network from, so the DHCP addresses in the 192.168.8.X range would be outside the LAN network. I think you’ll find that if you change that to, the settings will take.


Can confirm.
Usable host range is - when subnet ID is is in the subnet. Range is -

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ok. it is weird.
Why I cannot arrange the mask from address of the router?
Why it is calculated the mask from abstract and not from the first host in the subnet? it is 23 mask and works good and if I setup for my opinion it is 22 mask up to 5.255 however I cannot arrange it with the same failure.
same situation like with previous one example.

works good

doesn’t work

please help.

same, doesn’t woks

You cannot adjust the start and end points of the subnet IP range by making the LAN IP of the Peplink router different. For example, is within the network that consists of through (.0 being the network address and .255 being the broadcast address). Likewise, is also within that same network space.
I’m at a loss at the moment for how to explain this quickly and simply, but you might find use in a subnet calculator like this - Subnet Calculator - TunnelsUP
You’ll also want to avoid handing out the last IP of the IP range in a subnet as that is used for broadcast traffic. The first address should also not be used as it is the network address.

I might also ask what the goal is with the large subnet. You mentioned a 210 and 380 which are recommended for up to 150 and 500 users respectively. In the case of the /22 and /21 network, you’d have over 1000 and 2000 IP addresses on the network. Generally it’s a good idea to keep the subnet smaller to be more manageable.


thank You.