DHCP Reservations

My Peplink Balance 305 doesn’t seem to be hold a DHCP reservation from for one of my devices.

I can see in the Session List that they device is there under the correct MAC address but when people go to access the device they can’t find it. Also when we go to ping it there is no response from that local IP. All my other DHCP reservations seem to be fine(ie. 2 printers, and security badge system)

The Device is a Mac Mini we are using to run a Jenkins “server”. It will be accessible on the network for about 24 hours then it just drops.

Any ideas what i happening?

Hi Alex Morreale,

Base on the issue description, seem like the reported issue is more on the MAC mini device more that the DHCP reservation on the B305.

Can you please verify the following items when you having issue accessing to the MAC Mini device:

  1. Verify locally on the MAC Mini what is the DHCP IP address assigned when the issue happen ?

If the assigned IP are matched to the reserved IP, than the issue is not on the DHCP reservation.

  1. Make sure MAC Mini have active network connection (Either Wired or WIFI) when you failed to access the MAC Mini device.

Thank You