DHCP reservation incontrol/device api


The posibility to make dhcp reservations for devices trough the api/incontrol is missing. Now we have to go in interface of the router to do this.

Would love to have this as an api endpoint.

Different other vendors make this possible but Peplink lags behind.

Can you guys give an update on that?

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We really really want this too :slight_smile:

We want to ideally be able to get the same IP with a device in multiple sites, and we need it to be a local DHCP server, because all the local connections must not fail, if internet connection is lost for whatever reason.

@Bonnie_Lam can you please respond to this? I cant imagine why a company like peplink makes this so hard! You have the clientlist, the mac, just missing a button to do so…

Hi Maarten,

We have added the feature to our roadmap.
The DHCP reservation settings will be on InControl in the future release.

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The posibility to reserve dhcp spot for gadgets box the programming interface/incontrol is missing. Presently we need to go in connection point of the switch to do this.
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@Bonnie_Lam any update on this? 4 months later and still missing the endpoint for the api or incontrol…


We’ll have DHCP reservation ready on the upcoming release, targeted production launch end of this month.

For API, may I ask what is your use case? DHCP reservation is under VLAN management and it has a lot of fields, we can make easier to use if we know better on your needs.


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Hi Billy

Thanks for your response. For api usage, It’s as simple as a post request with the device parameters and the payload as below:

Client Mac address
Desired IP
Human readable name

The functionality is there on device admin interface. So if this basic functionality is available trough api, it would be a livesaver for our solution.



If it’s just simply add/remove DHCP reservation entries, I think we can arrange a special API to handle this, will keep you updated.


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I accidentally deleted a VLAN with a wrong tagging and there were a lot of reservations on that VLANs DHCP server. I would be very happy, if the DHCP database would be part of the configuration backups stored in InControl. As far as I can see, there is no way to backup the DHCP server settings and reservations anyhow othe than to display the reservations in csv and copy them.
In very large environments the DHCP DB can get larger, so changes to router settings may lead to high data transfer when creating config backups…
If you already are working on the DHCP stuff…


Hi Theo,

Would it work if the DHCP Reservation screen

could be turned into a CSV file view displayed in a text area? So the entire reservation settings could be copied out, backed up, and edited in spreadsheet software. What do you think?

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The above-mentioned feature will be available in 2.12.0.

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Still no update on this. This is so frustrating, seeing all major brands having this built in for years…

Hi Maarten,

We are still working on the API, and will update here when it is available.
Please stay tuned.

Hi Maarten,

The VLAN network settings API is available in InControl 2.12.0.

Create a VLAN network settings

Update a VLAN network settings

Get VLAN network settings in a group

If you have any questions for the API, please send to [email protected]

Thanks! Will be testing this now. Let you know any feedback on this.

Beyond the API, how do we simply configure DHCP using Incontrol2? There is DNS Proxy and Virtual Network Mapping under LAN Network Profiles, but can’t find DHCP?