DHCP Reservation by MAC Address

I use DHCP to provide the IP addresses for all of my LAN items and I additionally use the feature to map their MAC addresses to specific IP addresses within the DHCP scope.

I’ve just noticed something strange.

I have a device which I have previously reserved a specific IP address (based on its MAC address). This device was powered-off at the time that I installed another device.

What I noticed is that this new device had been given the IP address which was reserved for the other device.

Surely this shouldn’t happen?

FYI the 2nd device did not have any MAC to IP address mapping configured.

My device is a Balance 30 running 5.4.6 build 1585

This definitely shouldn’t happen. Could you please grab a diagnostic report from your Balance and send it to us on http://www.peplink.com/contact/support/?

OK, I will see if I can reproduce it and if-so will grab the diags.

Cheers mate :slight_smile: