DHCP Relay Not working after Upgrade Firmware 8.1.0

Hi Team,

Need some advise to my problem. I have mutliple peplink for my branches. 3 days ago, i upgrade one of my branch to latest firmware 8.1. After upgrade we facing some issue, where suddenly all client unable to grab IP from dhcp server, instead grab ip from peplink where im not enable it. So for temporary solution, i change default dhcp ip in peplink (192.168.1.x) into my branches ip segment (It work). After a few hour, i change back to use dhcp from my dhcp server (im not changing dhcp peplink just disable it). and also restart all my network equipment. The client still grab dhcp from peplink. So it become weird why this happen. Can anyone help me on this issue.

Here is setting on my peplink

Your screenshot of “ipconfig” didn’t show the IP of DHCP server. May I know how you confirm the IP is assigned by the Peplink router? What is the IP and MAC address of the DHCP server detected by the DHCP client?

May I know what is the model of your Peplink router?

We have 3 model. BL210, BL580 & BL710. That one we upgrade is BL210. I also test another branch and after I upgrade to 8.1, that branch facing same issue. No matter if I disable DHCP or not at peplink, user keep grab dhcp ip at peplink. So now I already fall back to old firmware 8.0.2

How i know coz click that peplink dhcp ip, i found that ip exist in peplink. Then i change to different segment(same with branch segment with specific range), i follow that ip. even i disable the ip.

DHCP server range - 10.x.x.30 - 50
DHCP in Peplink range - 10.x.x.51 - 70

Client got ip 10.x.x.51 even though the dhcp in peplink already disable.

It looks like a known bug. Please provide the hardware revision number of your Balance 210, 580, and 710.


Here is my hardware revision

Thanks for the info. I have checked, this has been fixed in 8.1.1. You may try 8.1.1 beta firmware if this is urgent. Else, you may stay with 8.0.2 and wait for 8.1.1GA firmware.


Ok, thanks. i will wait 8.1.1 official come out.