DHCP Relay For Peplink Devices


It would be a good idea to relay DHCP requests to a different server. Especially, this would be very useful when speedfusion VPN or site to site VPN is established. Once the VPN is established, a client can get an IP address from a DHCP server on the central site. By this, the DHCP pools can be managed centrally.

I hope this feature will be added as soon as possible.

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Definitely this will be a very handy feature for large-scale SpeedFusion VPN deployment. I am sure this is something we can look at. Let’s see how much the community wants it?

Thumbs up for this feature.

Definitely would love to have this feature.

Another vote for this.

Hear hear, I think this is a go. Just need to sort out a timeline to deliver this. Stay tuned guys.

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Good news, guys. DHCP relay is on the roadmap. A beta/evaluation firmware should be available as soon as Q3. Please stay tuned.

To stay in touch on beta firmware release and to access beta firmware for evaluation, you can sign up our beta program at http://www.peplink.com/beta.

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I will vote also for any new feature :wink: Thanks Pep.

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You are welcome, Hootan. It is happening. Stay tuned.

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Is it not currently possible to obtain DHCP through a site to site VPN tunnel?

It is possible, if we are using layer 2 SpeedFusion.

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+1 for this

I tested dhcp relay on a very basic network .So NAT disable on WAN,there is a DHCP server on WAN side… But client on LAN side could not receive IP …
I could not also see any dhcp logs on Wireshark installed on DHCP server.
What is your comment?
My purpose is relay dhcp request to dhcp server in central through ipsec tunnel between max-br1 on mobile branch and third party VPN server on central…

Thanks for reporting this, aytan34. Let us run some test to confirm this on our end…

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LAN DHCP replay would be appeciated so I we can use our Windows DHCP infrastructure that would likely resolve some other client issues, such as not being able to release DHCP from non-PC devices. Two-thumbs up on this feature from here.


DHCP Relay has already been implemented :slight_smile:

To enable:

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Is is possible DHCP Relay on Layer 3 using firmware 8.0?


DHCP relay is designed to relay DHCP request from L2 network to DHCP server that running in different L3 network. Please check the explanation below:

Please define your use case here and we can help to confirm whether that is supported or not.

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