DHCP Relay Balance 380


Hello Guys,

New to Peplink devices here, trying to figure out how to enable DHCP Relay on Balanace 380, running firmware 7.0.0.

I have 4 locations, one primary and the rest remote offices that I want to connect via PepVPN, and have then all get DHCP from the HQ location, but can’t seen to figure out where’s the option in this device.


Hi SPeedY,

Thank you for reaching out to us – like I mentioned in the call, to enable DHCP Relay on Balance 380, do the following:
Go to Network > LAN > Network Settings > DHCP Server > click the “?” > click the “here”.

Then enter the pertinent information on the following screen that opens up:

Thank you for choosing Peplink – let us know if you have any more questions :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,
The Peplink Team


Thank you very much Adam, this was a huge relieve.