Dhcp problem with balance 305 and secondary profile on vlan


I have a balance 305 with multiple vlan. I configured a vlan 5 on balance that work normally on peplink AP wifi and through a cisco catalyst on port 32. I have an entertainment network on ethernet with dhcp working behind port 32 of cisco. DHCP is also working properly on every peripherals on this vlan 5 on both wifi and ethernet.
I created a new profile only for vlan 5 and I want 2 new AP to work only with vlan 5 behind port 32 of cisco catalyst. I moved 2 new ap to the new profile.
Only this 2 new PEPLINK AP ONE ENTERPRISE are accepting wifi connection but don’t give ip address through DHCP to clients. The vlan 5 dhcp is configured on the balance on network configuration.
Wifi connection are accepted and logged but dhcp won’t pass through this 2 new AP.
The strange thing to me is that if I try another AP brand the dhcp is working properly through it. I don’t understand where I drop dhcp in AP ONE ENTERPRISE or BALANCE 305.
Can someone help ?
Thanks in any case.

Balance 305 firmware is 8.0.1
2 New AP ONE ENTERPRISE firmware is 3.6.1 and pack id is 1171
All others AP are AP ONE 300M with firmware 3.5.5 and pack id is 1171
Only PEPLINK AP are used in all the network.

Did you change port settings to Access mode and assigned to Vlan 5? Make sure to do it on both ends (Switch port 32 and AP port). Also, tag vlan 5 for that SSID.This is only if you want DHCP request from devices/end users to reach DHCP server on vlan 5. I hope this helps in any way.

I did a lot of testing and i’m pretty sure that I did that but I double check tomorrow morning when I put my hand back on the network. Thx for the answer.

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Ok I already tried that but I loose the AP. Can’t get in anymore. The controller don’t see it and I can’t access it directly with it’s static ip neither. That happen after I set the ethport on the AP in access mode on vlan 5. It seems to work because now I can get IP trough AP but the client don’t appear in wireless client list under AP tab. That was the reason i tought this configuration is not right. Any more suggestion ? Thanks anyway.

Hey Diego, sorry for the late response. You have probably fixed the issue by know… If you cant access the AP after changing the AP port to access mode its because the IP address was only given on VLAN1. You need to assign an IP address on VLAN 5 AP.