DHCP-PD on a second router


I use both a Peplink Balance One router and an ASUS RT-AC86U router in my home setup. That’s because I have two ISPs and Peplink is great at load balance, but it sucks at QoS. Asus is the other way around, great QoS and other stuff, but awful Dual WAN support.

So the Asus router gets a private IP from Peplink and Peplink sends everything to it through a 1:1 NAT. Everything is great in the IPv4 world.

However, since Peplink does not support IPv6 properly, I’d like the Asus router to get the prefix through DHCP-PD. But since Asus is getting IPv4 through the automatic setting (DHCP only), it does not give me an option to get the IPv6 through PPP, only Ethernet, and this is not working.

I’m trying to figure out some workaround to make Peplink passthrough IPv6 packets and Asus get the prefix, but so far nothing worked. Notice that Asus gets the IPv6 just fine when it is getting the IPv4 directly from the ISP through PPPoE.

My ISP used to allow the devices to get their IP directly with them (SLAAC), so I used both Peplink and Asus in passthrough mode. But now they only allow DHCP-PD.

Any ideas?