DHCP option 55 and 60 + IGMP needed for IPTV (Balance One Core)

Hi all,

I’m switching from cable to FTTH for internet and television. The provider is KPN (Dutch telco) and I want to use my Balance One Core instead of the device that the telco is sending me. The BOC has been my device of choice a couple of years ago after educating myself a bit on router security (thanks M. Horowitz). The BOC never disappointed in terms of versatility, hence my surprise that some features required to set up IPTV don’t seem available. Am I perhaps missing something obvious here?

KPN uses routed IPTV, hence the decoder (I have only one) connects to the router like any other device. The KPN website specifies (here, only in Dutch, below translation is mine) that the following settings are needed to set up IPTV:

  • Ethernet VLAN 4 (802.1q)
  • Address via DHCP requires sending option 60 (Vendor Class Identifier) with value “IPTV_RG”
  • Specific route information requested via DHCP (option 55 contains 1, 3, 28 and 121)
  • Extra: don’t use DNS servers + don’t use default gateway, only specific routes
  • Enable IGMP-proxy incl fast-leave (min IGMPv2)

So I created a new LAN with VLAN ID 4 according to plan (didn’t use VLANs until now). Then I went to the Extended DHCP options list and noted that the required options 60 and 55 are not shown. Also, I don’t see an IGMP-proxy option in the LAN settings. My BOC runs firmware 8.0.2. Are these missing features or am I just overlooking something?