DHCP Option #160 ~ Difference Balance 380 and SUS-SOHO



I have noticed that the DHCP options are not the same between the Balance 380 and SUS-SOHO. Please update the SUS-SOHO DHCP Option #160 (with type drop-down) to match present in the Balance 380 DHCP options (See attached). THis is needed for my ViOP deployment. There are also several other DHCP options that do not match between the routers.




The setting for DHCP option 160 is same in v6.2. You may test on v6.2b03 if needed.



You may also test with v6.1.2 firmware, the DHCP option 160 setting is same.


Thanks for the response, I will attempt a firmware update to 6.2.1 on one of the routers. When is 6.2 going alpha?




Tentatively v6.2 GA to be available on Q1 2015.


Thanks for the update, looking forward to it.