DHCP not working with VLAN

Hi there,

I have configured my Peplink Balance One firmware 7.1.1 build 3775 to one main LAN and one VLAN of ID 11. The problem is that a device on VLAN 11 is getting a 169.254 address.

Main LAN - (DHCP enabled)
VLAN 11 - (DHCP Enabled but geting 169.254 address)

WAN ---> Peplink Balance One ---> Switch ---> PC (Main LAN) (Port 1)
                                         ---> Mobile Device (VLAN 11) (Port 1)
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Hi !
Is the switch a seperate Layer3-Switch ? If yes, you will have to configure the Vlan on the switch and tag/untag the ports for the appropriate VLAN.
You can use Balance Port1 for the PC and leave the default settings trunk/any.
Connect the mobile device to Port2 and set it to access/VLAN 11.
This should work.
If you want a second switch to be connected to the Balance, go the easy way with a Peplink SD-Switch and simply set the VLAN via InControl.

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