DHCP not releasing unused IPs? (Bug?)

I was experiencing clients that could not connect to the network, and since I have enlarged the DHCP pool they could.
The pool consisted in 50 IPs and the list was full, but when the problem occurred, only 40 devices where connected. It looks like the Balance was counting also the disconnected devices.

The Balance will retain MAC addresses until it gets rebooted so LAN clients get the same IP address. The DHCP pool should be large enough for all LAN clients. PPTP or L2TP clients however get a new IP address each time they connect so even a larger DHCP pool is required when using the remote user access feature.

Thanks Ron…

Evening Ron
Does this mean that a DHCP reservation is made for each device that connects to a network and is not released until the router reboots?
This is ok/good for home and office but not good for public access (cafe, bars etc) where many different unique users could be connecting to the wifi in a short time
Thank You

The default Lease Time is 1 day. If the device didn’t connect to router more than a day, the IP will be released. If you have deployment for cafe, bar environment, I suggest changing the Lease Time to hourly based.

Hope this help.

you should still be able to terminate a lease for an individual IP - there are many reasons to be able to do so and suggest you add this feature. thx.