Dhcp leases problem

we configured a balance20 to control a same pepwave one mini for a two SSID free and private, each SSID is configured with an VLAN PRIVATE with VLAN 10 FREE with VLAN 11, to this all the configuration is OK the customer of PRIVATE wlan can connect and the FREE too, but
the problem we have is with DHCP leases for the FREE WLAN; the problem is after 5 days dhcp don’t give a ip address for the customer (when an ip address is gived for an device, the dhcp don’t give this ip address for another device after expiration of bail) DHCP BAIL is configured with 30min,

Can you share the DHCP range for Vlan11?

Please try v7.0.0 and test again.

the range we configured is to with mask 23
In attachments you will find screen prints of connections,
in the 09/10/2017 after 13:00 they are no connection, the dhcp don’t give the ip address for Customers, And yesterday after I rebooted the balance work, and it gives the address, and you can find in picture number for what it do,

Have you tired reducing the DHCP lease to a shorter time period - the reboot will flush out these leases so maybe it is running out of spare IP as they have all been assigned to users who no longer need them?

Yes, in the first time we configured dhcp lease to 30 minutes, and after the time we encountered this problem, we reconfigured about 15minutes, but the problem always exit. i don’t know what we should do,
note we have another balance20 in another site with same configuration, It works well.

@rachid, May I know this problem happens randomly to the DHCP clients? If so, please help to download Diagnostic Report when you notice client failed to grab IP. Then open ticket to submit the Diagnostic Report.