DHCP Leases for Balance/MAX



I may have missed some or all of the recent product announcements/developments, and perhaps this isn’t the correct thread to post this, however, I just realised hat there is no way to view DHCP Server leases at least on a Peplink Balance One router.

We have a Balance One Router in our office, which is our main router, with several VLANs/IP Subnets defined. The Balance One router serves as the DHCP Server for several subnets (in fact all except one), and I was trying to find out which device have been allocated what IP address, and realised there doesn’t seem to be such a function! The closest I could find is the “DHCP Server Logging”, which logs an entry when a device is assigned an IP address of have its lease renewed. Most major other vendors, even the likes of TP-Link, Netgear, etc have a function to show DHCP Leases from the DHCP Server.

Is there such a function on the Peplink Balance routers, if not, could perhaps this be added as a feature request?




Firmware 8.0.0 is now in RC1


You can check the DHCP client leases at the Status --> Client List page.

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