DHCP DSL Modem configuration

I have installed a peplink balance 210 for Internet redundancy. I have configured the WAN 1 port with a Static IP address from a cable provider. It is working properly. WAN 2 is a DSL connection using a Zyxel 660 modem. The connection is provided by DHCP. The modem is in bridge mode in order to pass through the IP address to the peplink, but I cannot get an external IP address on the peplink. I only get the LAN IP address of the DSL modem, and then only if DHCP is enabled on the LAN side of the DSL modem. I think the problem is related to double NATting that is going on, but I’m not sure how to work around it. I looked at the guide for drop-in mode, but that does not appear to be the configuration I’m dealing with. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


Zyxel 660 modem… PLDT ? You may need to set the MAC address in your Peplink WAN 2, to that of the DSL modem.

Steve, If your DSL modem is operating in bridge mode, then I think you need to configure the WAN on Peplink to PPPoE which needs to enter the PPPoE username and password.

You can try to use a PC to try to see how to connect to that Internet first, may be you can ask your ISP to confirm the connection type.

Not sure what you mean by PLDT? Where do I set the MAC address? Thanks

This is not a PPoE connection, no username/pw. We had a cisco/linksys small business router that worked fine. Bridge mode passed the IP address from the modem through to the wan side of the router. Peplink doesn’t do this.

Steve, what happens if you hook a PC up directly to the DSL modem?

Thanks for the response. If the pc is set for dhcp, I get the WAN address of the modem, 71.xxx.xxx.xxx. Which, as I understand it, indicates bridge mode is functioning properly.

And it should work the exact same way with the Peplink, although 99% of the time the PPPoE authentication is done on the Balance.
Please double check your WAN settings and also check with your ISP on how authentication is done.

Thanks, I’ve checked multiple times without success. Also, as stated above, this is not a PPoE connection; it’s always on, no authentication required.

I have an ISP DSL that delivers without PPPoE as well. For my model 30, I set DHCP and away it goes. Static IP should work too, if assigned. The duplicating the modem MAC was needed to emulate the original CPE modem from the ISP - they limit what connects to their system. Usually a label on the modem bottom with this, or in the config somewhere.

In the original modem (that same Zyxel 660) the connection type was listed as EthEncap. The best I can tell, its the 802.3 encapsulation.