DHCP clients disappear in client list


I have a number of VoIP phones on DHCP that appear and disappear seemingly randomly in the Balance One client list on firmware 6.3.3. is this a known issue or configuration error?

I have seen devices disappear from the client list when they go to sleep. Is it possible they go to sleep and are woken up by WOL if needed?

There are also some filters for DHCP only OR Online Only. Make sure those aren’t in use.

Hope this helps

I’ll double check the settings, but I believe I have all power saving disabled on the devices.

I do see and use the Online vs DHCP only check boxes, but that doesn’t change what I’m seeing.

Just want to confirm. If you ping the disappeared VOIP phone from Balance One, will the phone re-appear again?

I just tested this and yes, pinging the phones result in them re-appearing again.

This is depending on the behavior of your IP phones. Look like they are not actively generating traffic to the internet. Please confirm.

Fyi, we will also send ICMP request to the DHCP client periodically to confirm they are alive. Please confirm the IP phones will respond to the ICMP request.

Hope this help.

All the IP phones respond to a ping request.

We’re also using most of the phones as the switch for the desktop computers but not all.