DHCP address issue

Hello everyone,

Something strange has happened - I have a balance one core as the main router in a WISP network.

I installed a OpenMesh Cloud Managed switch 4 months ago and the router handed it out a DHCP address. Then 15 days ago the devices disappeared from the network and would not get a DHCP address again. I checked with my laptop and the router was still handing out a DHCP address to my laptop.

I thought It was a switch fault so got a replacement OpenMesh switch and plugged it all in and again the peplink router would not serve it a DHCP address. I tested both switches on a different network with a non peplink router and they worked no problem. I tried adding the switch as a DHCP reservation but that didn’t help either.

It would appear that the peplink router could not see the switch and/or would not give it a DHCP address. There has been no network changes - the only change was a router firmware upgrade 10 days prior to the switch no longer working.

Any ideas why the Peplink router has decided to stop speaking to OpenMesh devices?

Many Thanks


Have you tried a different cable? Different port on the Peplink perhaps? Network interfaces can go bad :slightly_frowning_face: And it is never a convenient time when it does.

You can do a packet capture to see if the broadcast dhcp requests make it to the router.

Yup tried several cables and ports.

How would I do the packet capture?

I haven’t found a good way to do it in a mac, but here are some instructions for PC.

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We have experienced DHCP leasing issues with peplink. The it does not release DHCP leases/ clean out old mac arps well. We opened a case with peplink support, however they claimed it was due to the subnet being a /22 which was incorrect.

Hoping they can get to the bottom of this

Can you share the ticket number?

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Is there any update on this issue? I’m experiencing the exact same issue. Connecting a client (Ubuntu camera) that will get a dhcp but loses it after a couple of minutes. Not able to reach it anymore…

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