Devonshire Homes – Rapid & Temporary Internet


About the Project


Devonshire Homes is an independent, award-winning housing development company, committed to providing beautiful new build houses for sale in Devon. They pride themselves on more than just building stunning homes that match the area of outstanding natural beauty they’re situated in. Being hugely proud of their West Country roots, Devonshire Homes aim to build and strengthen local communities in the South West too.


Due to the nature of connectivity in Devon and the South West in general, Devonshire Homes were facing serious problems with getting temporary lines installed quickly into their new site offices and sales show homes.  Without this crucial connectivity in place, it was proving impossible for staff to access internet, email and intranet systems effectively, leading to a loss of productivity and potentially a loss in sales for the company. Historically, they would always submit and order fixed lines for a site telephone line, then 6 months later the line would finally be installed. This was no longer acceptable to Devonshire Homes, so they asked Grapevine what could be done to improve timescales, increase broadband speeds, and save costs on installation.


The problem was extensive, the solution was simple. Grapevine’s cellular connectivity offering. Within a matter of a day, new sites are now being provided with a ruggedized case that contains a Peplink Pepwave MAX router and antenna. This delivers 4G broadband directly into the sales show home or site office, all without the need to involve fixed lines at any step of the way.

As Grapevine are carrier agnostic, we are always able to provide the best cellular connectivity with the fastest carrier in any specific location.  And, with InControl capabilities, all of Devonshire Homes Peplink devices are remotely managed by Grapevine, eliminating site visits and set ups.


In addition to this, as Grapevine already provide Devonshire Homes with their head office cloud-based 3CX telephone system, it seemed to be the natural step to provide all sales and site offices with a VoIP phone extension on the main system. This enables head office staff to keep in touch effortlessly with the sales and site managers by simply dialling their internal extension number which, of course, is also a free call thereby cutting call costs.