Devices Not Reconnecting

Suddenly today, we have in our office many Apple devices (including iPhones, MacBook Pros, and an iMac) that are not connecting to the wifi of a Balance One and two AP minis (all running current firmware.)

Actual report:

I’m not sure if you can help at all with this, but I have been unable to connect to Wi-Fi on my iMac- it says that the Wi-Fi could not be joined and suggested that I move closer. I have tried turning Wi-Fi off and on and restarting the computer.

I also noticed that my work and personal iPhones were not connecting to Wi-Fi, but once I moved into the copy room [location of Balance One], they were able to connect and the connection has been stable. Someone else just arrived and had the same experience with her MacBook Pro. Windows PCs do not seem to be having the same problem.

An interesting observation is that the router has reported those devices as being offline most of the morning, but not showing them as online but the last event log was a notice of disconnect.

I have them clearing system caches with Onyx but not yet sure that makes a difference.

Does these devices contain a cache that could use clearing? I have already restated the devices, but that seems to have had no effect in providing these devices Internet access so that they can actually do their jobs.

Please advise on methods currently known with this current firmware to allow devices to reconnect.

Please help to open ticket for us to investigate. Difficult to guess the root cause here. Please ensure Remote Assistance is enabled on all devices.


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Ticket #776345 open
Remote access on all three devices.

Update: Cache clearing on computer apparently made no difference.