Devices failing to show as online


We have a number of PepLink devices (BR-1’s, HD4’s and one AWS FusionHub). All are registered with our InControl account, only two routers are showing up as online or “seen” in the InControl web app. We’ve checked that InControl is enabled on each device. I the case of devices connecting over PepVPN we’ve ensured that and are routed of the WAN not VPN ports.

Is there is a list of possible causes and diagnostics for figuring out why devices don’t show-up in the InControl device list?


  1. Ensure devices are on 6.x firmware
  2. and are able to be pinged from behind the router
  3. IC2 uses the following ports: Make sure these are not getting blocked
  • Outbound Udp 5246
  • Outbound Tcp 443
  1. They will also, need to be under warranty
  2. remove/re-add to to IC2.
  3. Will need a active internet connection

If they are still offline after going through the above mentioned steps, open a support ticket with a list of the SN’s of the units not showing online via IC2 and a we’ll take a closer look.