Devices fail to show ‘Online’ in InControl

When devices fail to show ‘online’ in Incontrol2 please check the following:

  • The router needs to be under warranty.
  • The router needs an active internet connection.
  • Check if you can ping and from a pc behind the router.
  • Make sure the following outgoing ports are not blocked: UDP 5246 and TCP 443
  • Remove and re-add the devices to InControl.
  • A static route at the LAN side might be the cause; the device uses WAN IP to initiate the IC2 traffic.

If you have checked the above and the device still does not connect to InControl there might be some issues with the device’s DNS server or routing.
E.g. is all traffic routed to a MPLS WAN or a SpeedFusion network without Internet access?
If so, adding outbound rules for (not {ac1|ac2} on UDP port 5246 and TCP port 443 to route to local WAN interfaces usually solves the problem.

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