Device specific geo-fencing based on current location

It would be very convenient if InControl supported the ability to setup a device specific geo-fence based on its current location. In my use case it is to help ensure a camper isn’t being stolen.

I’m thinking of something like a simple checkbox on the Device Details tab. When the checkbox is enabled an automatic geo-fence circle is created with a 50m radius centered on the device’s current location. The radius and details of the geo-fence can be setup like any other geo-fence but the main simplicity of this is having the center of the geo-fence automatically adjusted just by enabling the checkbox.

For example, I drive a bit and find a place to camp. I may be there a day or a week. During that time I will be away from the camper for hours at a time. When I setup camp initially I want to be able to quickly enable the device-specific geo-fence based on its current location. When I break camp I want to be able to disable the geo-fence. Later in the day I arrive at a new camping location and then I simply want to re-enable the geo-fence which will automatically be based on the new location.