Device Reports Includes SIM, IMEI, and MDN


I have looked through the reporting on the organization level and group level and don’t see a way to make a report that shows the SIM ID, IMEI, and MDN. Is there a report that will show the data usage that includes the SIM, IMEI, and MDN?



Currently we do not have any SIM usages report, there is a SIM data usage export tools under “Sim Pool Reports”, which is IMSI based

You may also get the sim usages thru our API services, but it’s also IMSI based!get_rest_o_o_g_o_d_o_sim_usages_hourly!get_rest_o_o_g_o_d_o_sim_usages_daily!get_rest_o_o_g_o_d_o_sim_usages_monthly