Device "offline" in InControl magement

Hello, I have 2 peplink balance (30 & 210) working. I configured them in the InControl magement and the 210’s model appears as “offline” but it’s online with a VPN working.

The 210 have only 1 WAN configured as PPoE.

Why could be the problem?


OK, I saw it. The firmware its not compatible.


:up: It should be online once you upgrade it to latest firmware version. Please ensure Balance 210 still under warranty.

Hi, if it NOT under warranty, how could I use it?
If I have certain devices out-of-warranty?

You either renew the warranty or purchase the InControl2 subscription. You may get the pricing from local partner if needed.

Hope this help.

Does incontrol-subscription apply for ALL non-waranty device? It it option to buy it directly at

Is it incontrol2 demo webUI?

Yes. Anyway, InControl2 Subscription doesn’t cover for the hardware warranty.

Just confirmed with the team, you may purchase InControl2 subscription directly at Peplink Store.

Does this ICS-024 subscription supports Balance 210 (rev 3) and balance 310 (rev 2)?
It is not listed in peplink store description.

  • InControl 2 subscription is applicable to:

Balance One and Core, Balance 20, 30, 50
MAX BR Series
MAX On-The-Go
AP One Series
AP Pro
FusionHub Essential, FusionHub Pro

Hi Countryman - At this time, ICS-024 does not support the higher end BlueChip models like the 210, 310, larger balance models, MFA series and the Pepwave HD series. To get IC2 access for these models your unit will need to be under warranty. Please contact Frontier if you would like to talk in more detail on this.