Device offline after scheduled reboot ? MAX BR1 MK2 LTEA

My MAX BR1 MK2 LTEA is having constant issue where it fails to boot up after scheduled reboot.

04-03 06:00:11[MAX_BR1_BDB2] SystemDevice is offline
04-03 06:00:00[MAX_BR1_BDB2] SystemReboot from Schedule

this is installed in my RV and it has constant power as well as good LTE coverage.

sometimes it can go for days without issues, but will fail to boot up eventually at some point.

firmware is the latest (8.2.0 build 5066)

when it’s stuck, i have to manually power cycle the device on/off.

Can I confirm that the MK2 definitely can’t be booted up after the scheduled reboot? Or this is intermittent? Do you have a power stabilizer installed in your RV? We do see a lot of cases where the battery voltage is fluctuating then causing the device doesn’t work well.