Device location via API


What is the device (not InControl2) API call to get a devices GPS coordinates and supporting information?

the customer needs to query a BR1 MINI directly for it’s GPS information. They also want the information in an encrypted format. Does anybody have the API call for this?

The customers proposed setup looks like this:


Also, I want to mention that *, we were able to find an unencrypted TCP port (60660) on the Peplink Max BR1 Mini from which we can query the raw ITAPE/NMIA GPS data. The issue, is that this data is currently unencrypted so we were hoping to add SSL to this port (as is standard on the other ports on the device) so we are not passing GPS data in the clear and opening ourselves up to potential spoofing.

Does the Peplink have this ability. I suspect it does not?
But what about the new firmware version 8 beta? Would it have this capability?