Device is already belong to another organization

is there any method regarding with this matter?
it happened that the previous Network Administrator did not endorse any documentation for incontrol2 credentials, and we have multiple devices that i think that has already linked.

If the previous admin used his work email for incontrol2, simply have your organization re-activate his email and allow you to have the password.
You can then reset the IC2 password and work-around the MFA, if that is enabled.
If registered to a personal email, you’re probably SOL unless you have the PO/receipt from the company that bought/owns the unit.
I know Peplink is much easier to deal with than cradlepoint in this regard.
One thing to think about for the future, is doing what we do, and that’s having our reseller as an admin for our IC2 account as well as the regular corporate admins.

Sorry there’s no perfect answer for this.

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